Music Ministry Matters!

A Historical Perspective on American Church Music for the 21st Century

In this newsletter, “Music Ministry Matters”, each installment surveys a subject of critical interest to 21st century church musicians, clergy, and all concerned about worship in the modern church. 

A current listing of topics is included below. The first nine installments of “Music Ministry Matters” will appear on a monthly basis free of charge to subscribers to this website.

Information will be provided at a later date regarding how to access the entire collection.

All installments of “Music Ministry Matters” are copyrighted. Re-printing for distribution requires permission of the author.

Installment Topics:

#1 - Authentic, Vital, and Engaged Worship and Music Ministry
#2 - Music, Ministry, and Servanthood
#3 - Some Personal Reflections on Congregational Singing
#4 - The Old Way Versus a New Way
#5 - The Changing Role of the Organ in American Church Music
#6 - Vatican II and Worship
#7 - Music Worship and Evangelism
#8 - Origins of Contemporary Christian Music
#9 - Toward a More Inclusive Church Music

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May 16, 2024 - Book Announcement

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